Bridal Shower for our Lindy

My favourite "crazy" is getting married! Her name is Lindy and she has found the one she loves. All the lovely ladies in her life recently spent the day at one of her favourite spots, Bronte beach, eating, drinking, laughing hysterically and celebrating her future as Mrs. K. With only a few short weeks to go before she walks down the aisle, I thought I would impart some of my wifey wisdom from my abundance of experience (one-and-a-half years to be exact!) I'll keep it short and easy to remember:

Say 'I love you' every day  /  Never lose your sense of humour  /  Be the first to say 'I'm sorry'  /  Always make time for fun & romance  /  Keep God at the centre of your marriage.

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Photography by Galina Dixon © 2013.