Property Styling Masterclass with Megan Morton

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It's no secret that I love Megan Morton's The School. It's about this time last year that I attended my first class, and got totally addicted. And why wouldn't you? Megan has hand-picked some of the best craftspeople in the industry to teach beautiful workshops on many creative topics. So it's no surprise The School is addictive when you discover the magic that happens when you work with your hands and your heart.

So why a Property Styling Masterclass this time? Because this year my husband and I would like to get closer to our dream of owning our own home in Sydney. We know that our first property isn't going to be perfect (far from it probably), so we thought we'd start doing our homework on how to buy smart, renovate and style. We're both really excited about the project, but I think my husband is most looking forward to getting his hands dirty renovating, while I'm more about the colours, textures and styling.

I've admired Megan Morton's styling work for a while, she really is the "house whisperer", and her knowledge of design and styling is limitless. Since meeting her a year ago, I've also learned that her warm, personable nature goes hand-in-hand with her passion for styling, and her love of sharing her knowledge with others is admirable. When Megan talks creativity and how it can be applied to enhance everyday life, I could listen to her for hours. So when I thought about learning the art of styling a home, I thought Megan Morton, and her class was instantly at the top of my to-do list.

"The styling classes are called that, but what they really are is a creative kick in the arse to anyone who is wanting to pursue creative services in any way, shape or form." -Megan Morton

Even though my husband and I are excited about the year ahead, we know there's a lot still to do before the first tin of paint is opened, or dirt gathers under our fingernails. In the meantime, I'm going to put my new-found styling muscle into gear on our current rental home. The organiser in me is itching to declutter, simplify and breathe new life into some of the neglected pockets of our home. Thank you Megan, for sharing your insights into the world of property styling, and for an overall inspiring day.

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Megan Morton (left) and I

Megan Morton (left) and I

Photography by Galina Dixon © 2014. More about Megan Morton, her Instagram @megan_morton and the creative magic of The School.