The launch of GALINA DIXON – Boutique Stationery Brand



Over the past ten years of my creative career in the design & advertising industry, I have spent many moments daydreaming about one day starting my very own stationery brand. I don't know where my original love of paper and fine stationery came from, but I do remember one of my favourite pastimes as a child was drawing and colouring in. As a 6-year-old girl in Russia, I would build "offices" from cardboard boxes in my room and pretend to sign important documents (kindly supplied by the recycling basket of my mother's accounting firm). As I got older and started school in New Zealand, I would spend hours drawing and decorating the headings for all my school subjects, and not very much time actually completing the homework tasks. I loved playing with the shapes of letters and drawing type. In high school, I studied graphic design and photography (as well as accounting and economics, just in case my childhood-office-play was actually about accounting, which thankfully, it was not). I went on to complete a bachelor of Fine Arts at university, majoring in Graphic Design. When I first started the four-year degree, I remember feeling right at home, that these were 'my people', and studying typography made me happy.

When I started my first professional job in the design industry in Sydney, I spent more and more time doing corporate design work, and less and less time drawing my beloved letters. I liked my professional creative career, and as I progressed from Junior Designer to Senior Designer, Studio Manager and Art Director, I did find it very satisfying. My side venture into the wedding stationery industry gave me a creative outlet that allowed me to exercise my hand-lettering muscle, but the dream to one day start my own stationery brand didn't subside. I took a year of maternity leave, which was actually the most exhausting year of my life. Who knew that having a baby and becoming a mother for the first time was going to be the most challenging yet rewarding work?! Spending countless hours sitting in the dark, stillness of the night, quietly breastfeeding my baby gave me plenty of time to think and dream, until I could no longer resist the desire to do my own creative thing, and start my boutique stationery brand.

I decided to take that leap of faith. To invest in the dream and jump in head first, grateful to the support of my husband. Our son was one-and-a-half and starting daycare part-time, I felt that this was as good a time as any to dive-in and see where this leads. And so, the GALINA DIXON Boutique Stationery brand was born. 

After months of hard work, Excel spreadsheets, print deadlines and many, many lists, I completed my first collection of luxe letterpress and foil greeting cards, and was ready to launch in January 2017. Each card features my hand lettering, and to me, is a small piece of art. Every letterform or drop of ink is crafted with love and fine attention to detail, then hot foil stamped or letterpress printed the old fashioned way in Sydney, Australia. I booked my first boutique trade show for February 2017, and lay awake at night wondering if all the passion, creativity, time and money that I had poured into this new brand was going to be worth it in the end. The first step was the hardest, and it was already behind me. Now I'm excited to see where this journey takes me. I'm so happy, creatively fulfilled and proud to be here. Meet GALINA DIXON – the boutique stationery brand.

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Photography by Heath Bennet.

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