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Seriously Milestones is about telling the truth – that having kids isn’t all coffee dates and gummy smiles, according to founder Issy Kerr, a Bendigo based mama of 3. Her milestone cards embrace the desire for parents to capture and share more of the ‘real’ parenting moments.

Our paths crossed in 2017, when we both exhibited at a Melbourne trade show, so we decided to create something “seriously luxe” that was light-hearted and fun, yet beautifully finished.

We created four limited edition letterpress printed cards, with words by Issy Kerr and brush lettering by Galina Dixon. Each sold separately online via GALINA DIXON and Seriously Milestones, as well as selected stockists Australia wide.


You are seriously old. Happy birthday! – Letterpress Card
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You may seriously never sleep again. Congrats on your new baby! – Letterpress Card
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You're seriously lucky to have me – Letterpress Card
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You seriously rock! – Letterpress Card
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